Phraktal 2024

How it all began

Step into the captivating world of Phraktal, where a tale of humble beginnings and artistic evolution unfolds through the journey of Christian Boshell. Over three decades, Christian’s passion for music has led to a remarkable odyssey, shaped by dedication, creativity, and a commitment to pushing boundaries.

The story commences with Christian’s very first DJ residency at The Harp Nightclub in Dublin, where the seeds of his musical journey were sown. Those early days, filled with endless hours behind the decks, set the stage for a career that would span years.

One of the most luminous chapters in Christian’s narrative took place at Spirit Nightclub on Abbey Street. Imagine sharing the stage with the legendary Prince—a moment etched forever in his memory, a testament to his talent and the power of his music.

The journey led Christian far from Dublin’s borders, taking him to San Francisco in 2008, where he had the honour of warming up the stage for Grandmaster Flash at the Love Festival. This milestone showcased his talent on an international stage, a testament to his dedication to his craft.

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Throughout his career, Christian’s music has resonated with both listeners and fellow artists. Renowned figures like Orlando Voorn and Barry Jamieson recognized his creative flair and contributed their own unique remixes to his work.

As a solo artist, Christian’s path has been marked by innovation and a tireless commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. His latest endeavour, the weekly radio show “Bakroom Beats,” just launched this week, serving as a testament to his continued growth and creative spirit.

Beyond the music, Christian Boshell’s influence extends to promotion, production, and direction. Grounded in his humble beginnings, his enduring love for music continues to shape the industry, inviting all to explore the limitless possibilities of sound.

Join us in the enchanting world of Phraktal, where music is more than a melody; it’s a story of humble beginnings, creativity, and the remarkable journey of how it all began.