Our first live performance
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Meet Phraktal, a dynamic collective of electronic music producers and DJs hailing from Dublin. Since their inception in 2015, they’ve taken the music world by storm with their boundary-pushing productions, earning acclaim from DJs and publications worldwide. Their sonic journey traverses sci-fi-inspired electronica, ambient soundscapes, deep house, and techno.

In 2019, the revival of Limbo Records witnessed Phraktal’s reimagining of the ’90s classic ‘Chime’ by Orbital. Expect an enthralling set as Phraktal weaves seamlessly through genres and styles, delivering captivating surprises along the way.


  1. Phraktal – Open Invitation
  2. Phraktal – Roll with it
  3. Phraktal – Head v Heart
  4. Phraktal – Look Inside
  5. Phraktal – Hypnophunk
  6. Phraktal | Jamez feat Louise Browne – Forbidden
  7. Phraktal – Cognisant
  8. Phraktal – Secret Societies
  9. Sublime – Transamerican (Phraktal Remodel)
  10. Phraktal – Myopic
  11. Phraktal – Kruschonk
  12. Phraktal – Cabal
  13. Phraktal | Jamez – Cowgirl (Vocal Remodel)
  14. Phraktal – Chime

Experience the mesmerizing sounds of Phraktal as they take you on an unforgettable musical journey.